16 February 2022


Taurus is the 2nd sign on the Zodiac. So, what kind of a picture does it paint with its traits? Here is some information related to love, career, and health that generally defines a Taurus!

Positive traits: Calm, peace-loving, determined, materialistic, strong, honest, passionate, loyal.

Negative traits: Resistant to change, stubborn, indiscreet, selfish, jealous, laggard, glutton.

Likes: Quiet and peaceful life. Tauruses are Epicureans and attracted to valuable, expensive, and tangible objects. Being home and safe is also very important to a Taurus.

Dislikes: Being active all the time, not being able to use their abilities, complicated relationships and jobs. Taurus also doesn’t like taking risks.

Needs to learn: To make quick decisions and take action, to get out of their comfort zone, to be open to self-improvement.

Countries and cities they would love to live in: Tauruses can be happy in aesthetic, stylish, and luxurious places. Parma, Bologna, Russia, Siena, Dublin, Germany, Marseille, Florence, Palestine, Nepal, Verona, Syria, Poland, Peru, Argentina, Cuba, Scandinavia, Japan, India, Antalya, Çanakkale.

Taurus Zodiac sign traits

The fixed element Earth sign Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac. Its ruler is Venus, the goddess of beauty and love. After the dynamic nature of Aries, everything starts to be a little bit more controlled with the energy of Taurus. Tauruses want to have their feet on the ground and feel secure both materially and spiritually. For this reason, they show a calm and peaceful demeanour.

People of this sign generally want to protect their current situation and be safe by becoming financially independent. Tauruses enjoy hosting guests and sharing what they have in their daily lives. However, if they feel in danger somehow, they may want to be hesitant when it comes to sharing. They don’t like taking action fast, so it can take a long time to make a decision for them. The Moon ascends in this sign. Therefore, they like gathering their loved ones under the same roof. With their emotional approach and sensitive nature, they can easily make friends by attracting attention in the social events they attend.

Tauruses have sound judgment. In addition, they want to show their feelings with their actions rather than conveying them by talking.

Taurus in love life:

Tauruses want to be involved in long-term relationships rather than casual ones. Sensuality and sexuality are essential to them. If a relationship is to begin, the physical attraction must be there. The sense of possessiveness is highly developed. They don’t want to share with the person they love. Tauruses wish their lovers belong to them. For this reason, they may experience some problems in their relationship by causing unnecessary jealousy.

The theme of trust is at the forefront in their love life as in other areas. This criterion helps their relationship end up with marriage or have a long-term relationship. But being in a relationship doesn’t mean that they stop flirting with others. Their flirty nature can get them in trouble from time to time. Tauruses don’t let anyone see their inner world and keep some facts to themselves. Because of these mysterious attitudes, they may become even more attractive to others.

Tauruses love children and want to have a lot of children. However, they also make an effort to bring up their kids within the framework that they’ve already established. Therefore, being stubborn with them and wanting to impose their thoughts on their children may cause them to experience conflicts.

How is Taurus about career and money?

Tauruses, who are very successful in aesthetics and visual arts, can play a core role in every branch of art. They may be successful in running restaurants, cafes, or art galleries. Since they know how to manage their savings, they can also work in finance. They want to stay away from risk as much as possible by working for profitable companies. They can successfully work as food engineers, real estate agents, security guards, musicians, cooks, fashion designers, or beauticians. They can be successful in these areas by establishing their own companies.

The Earth element Taurus loves money and investing. Because they want to swim in safe waters, they usually invest in things that are tangible. Real estate, land, gold, or cash are the best investments for them.

Taurus in health:

Taurus signifies some body parts: the neck, nape, and throat. Thyroid or gluttony can be a problem in certain periods of their lives. In addition, people with this sign are prone to chronic ailments. Being overweight, having diabetes, or having high blood pressure can keep them busy, too. On the other hand, they should be careful about upper respiratory infections, pharyngitis, and vocal cords. Because of their deep thoughts, they may have to deal with immune system diseases as soon as they force themselves psychologically. Therefore, occupations that require plenty of activities and movements will be good for them in terms of health.

Which zodiac signs does Taurus get along with?

They can find the trust they desire and expect in relationships in earth signs Capricorn and Virgo. In addition, they can get the sentimentality and peace of mind they seek in Cancer and Pisces, which are from the Water signs.

Here are the Taurus celebrities

Al Pacino, Shakespeare, Adolf Hitler, Salvador Dali, Karl Marx, Cher, Uma Thurman.