23 February 2022


Libra is the 7th sign on the Zodiac. So, what kind of a picture does it paint with its traits? Here is some information related to love, career, and health that generally defines a Libra!

Positive traits: Just, cute, attractive, genuine, polite, easy-going, likes order, hard-headed.

Negative traits: Indecisive, manipulator, neurotic, plan their life around their relationships, addictive personality, lazy.

Likes: Having fun, being themselves, going on new adventures, looking at beautiful things, being free, being just.

Dislikes: Hanging out with negative and individualistic people, taking part in risky business, being present in events that create unease, running into unstable misfits.

Needs to learn: To set aside time for themselves, to learn to say ‘Me’, to maintain balance, to make peace with their past and have healthy relationships.

Countries and cities they would love to live in: Every city or country that is socially advanced will make Libras happy. They can be happy in places like Singapore, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Japan, Belgium and India.

Libra Zodiac sign traits

Libra is the seventh-cardinal-air sign of the Zodiac. Its ruler is Venus, goddess of beauty and love. When we look at their traits, their easy-going and just nature is clearly seen. They try to act with balance in every job they work at, or every business they establish. To achieve this, they think a lot and try to plan ahead. They are sometimes indecisive and may be late to take a step.

Libra, famous for its indecisiveness, is the symbol of charm. They have an enchanting aura. That’s why they attract attention in every social event they attend. They radiate positive energy. Their potential immediately affects nervous situations; it quickly calms nervous people around them. They help calming such situations down. They have a different way of arguing; they can skilfully dominate an incident and turn the situation in their favour. They quickly examine everything and try to see the details. They try to use the things they learn at the right time. They are never in a hurry. They only want to be at peace.

Saturn ascends in Libra. This helps them to be more resolute while working towards their aims, and take their time.

Libra in love life:

 Libra looks for peace in their love life. Their aim is to find the right person. For this, they always break up and begin new relationships. They look for compatibility in a partner. They prefer staying away from people that make them feel nervous. That’s why they have a fast-moving love life. They may occasionally get into shallow relationships. They try to reach the right person by using trial and error method.

They find people that can form smart sentences, are tolerant and are also romantic. Generosity also impresses them. Only when they see these traits in a partner that they start to take the relationship seriously.

With the effect of its ruler planet, they are more attractive than average person. They can easily get new admirers wherever they go.

Libras are romantic. They can organize impressive moments to make their partner happy. Their romantic side doesn’t prevent them from being reasonable. They are not too emotional to lose themselves in a relationship. They like playing love games, they believe that they can get to know their partners better with them.

How is Libra about career and money?

Libras, with their great beauty and aesthetic sense, have a creative mind. They can easily come up with bright ideas and try to act cautiously while putting them into practice. They want to create perfect things without problems. For this, they act picky. They don’t put all their ideas into practice. They create a roadmap for the ideas they believe in. They are not in a hurry; they only want their plans to work without problems.

They are generally skilled in teamwork, but they also have leadership quality. Because of their nature they use this skill without anyone noticing. They have the ability to convince people they work with to do anything.

They like corporate life. They want a peaceful life without working too much, only taking part in correct projects.

They can be successful fashion designers, architects, designers, musicians, models, writers, or painters. They can also be a great politician or businesspeople.

Libra in health:

Libra signifies kidneys, waist area, spine and back. The unbalance they experience in their life generally cause these areas to be affected. That’s why they need to take care of their mental health. They may also have thyroid problems and diabetes. It is possible for them to experience weight gain and rheumatism problems in old age. They need to be careful of their health to prevent these.

Which Zodiac signs does Libra get along with?

They easily get along with fire and air signs. They can both have fun and receive the attention they want with Leos, Sagittarians and Geminis. Libras also can find the intellectual knowledge they are looking for in a partner in Aquarians.

Here are the Libra celebrities

Confucius, Brigitte Bardot, Cliff Richards, Jimmy Carter, John Lennon, Julio Iglesias, Klaus Kinski, Michael Douglas, Oscar Wilde, Pavarotti, Roger Moore, Sylvia Kristel, Kim Kardashian.