23 February 2022


Aquarius is the 11th sign on the Zodiac. So, what kind of a picture does it paint with its traits?  Here is some information related to love, career and health that generally defines an Aquarius!

Positive traits: Distinctive, extraordinary, fair, honest, social, smart, independent, creative, intuitive, philanthropic, tolerant, helpful.

Negative traits: Hardliner, maverick, stubborn, nervous, hard-headed, discontented, distant.

Likes: Participating in social responsibility projects, adventures, everything new about science and technology, experiencing personal freedom wholly.

Dislikes: All kinds of pressure that limit their rights and freedom, ignorance, conservatism, laziness.

Needs to learn: Overcoming the distance they create between themselves and people, leaving over-sensitivity aside, taking advantage of their individuality.

Countries and cities they would love to live in: USA, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Mozambique, Costa Rica, UK, Italia, Peru, Hamburg, Buenos Aires, Salzburg, Berlin, Austin.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Traits

Fixed sign in the element of air, Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac and is characterized as the “sign of geniuses”. People with this sign set a goal for themselves and go after it with excitement and without getting bored. Aquarians can be timid, calm, and cold on the one hand, and affectionate, cheerful, and talkative on the other. It may not always be easy to realise their love for humans and living beings, but they both value society and do their best to make society better.

According to classical astrology, the ruler planet of Aquarius is Saturn, and according to modern astrology, it is Uranus. Saturn, a karmic planet expressing responsibility and conventionality, first tests Aquarians with difficulties and then rewards them. Uranus, on the other hand, helps them solve any problem they face with their own unique methods with ease.

Visionary, intelligent, innovative, and pioneering Aquarius people work in the field of science and technology and spend a lot of time and effort to make the world a better place.

Aquarius in love life

So how do the Aquarius people experience love? How do Aquarians approach their partners, what do they expect from them?

Aquarius people, who are physically remarkable, may seem a little distant and they are stuck-up themselves. These attitudes increase their charm. Obviously, it can be a little bit difficult to approach Aquarius people. Those who are in love with them can sometimes feel lonely and worthless. It is difficult for Aquarians to open up and express their love. Aquarians, who find intelligence attractive, want to talk a lot with their partners and have a conversation about all sorts of intellectual topics possible.

With their different and unique sense of humour, Aquarians like flirting.  They can confuse their partners by treating them hot and cold. Due to being open-minded, Aquarians like to try new things; therefore, they don’t close their minds to fantasies.

How is Aquarius about career and money? 

Aquarians never avoid working; hence, they can even take care of several occupations at once and give them all the same and necessary attention. Especially professing in the fields that they can make use of their creativity, talents, imagination makes them feel very good and helps them to succeed. They can be the happiest people in the world when they are occupied with the things that require intelligence, that will benefit humanity and contribute to their self-development.

Aquarians can be inventors, space scientists, pilots, aircraft or electrical engineers, radiologists, social media specialists, cartoonists, painters, designers, musicians, and writers.

In parallel with their thoughts on social events, they want everyone to live a good life and be in favour of equality. They do not value materialism very much; it is enough for them to earn the amount that will meet their vital needs and achieve their goals. They spend the money they have, and they do not tend to save it.

Aquarius in health:

Aquarius represents legs in the body. Due to the influence of ruler planet Uranus, they are prone to experiencing varicose problems, blood pressure disorders, and vascular stiffness. The ankles, heels, calves, and nervous system are sensitive. Aquarians take care of their health, get examined when it is necessary.  Unexpected problems in their daily life can lead to various diseases. They may also need to deal with some cardiovascular and back pain problems because Leo is in the opposite house. Aquarians are likely to have a strong and fit body; therefore, if they pay attention to their diets and adopt an active lifestyle, they live a healthy life until old age.

Which zodiac signs does Aquarius get along with?

Aquarians can be compatible with Libra and Gemini, which are also air groups. Together they can come up with new ideas and discuss what they can do for humanity. They also get along well with Sagittarius.

Here are the Aquarius Celebrities

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, Jennifer Aniston, Bob Marley, Justin Timberlake, Shakira.