1 March 2022

10 Incompatible zodiac signs that could kill each other if they were partners!

Of course, it would not be right to associate being compatible and happy as a couple only with the Zodiac signs, but we should also not reject their influence. In order not to fall into such a relationship of incompatible signs that can kill each other if they were partners, the most important thing recommended by astrology experts is to make sure to have your natal chart interpreted before starting a relationship.

What does the natal chart tell us?

A natal chart is a two-dimensional diagram that shows all the characteristics of a person, their strengths and weaknesses, what is promised in their life, what they should work towards, what should focus on, what kind of attitude they should adopt, etc.  A question such as “who will I marry” cannot be asked on the natal chart. It cannot suggest whom you’re going to marry but can interpret how you can be happy in your marriage. Natal chart is not fortune telling, it is a science.


How is the natal chart calculated?

The most important thing you need to calculate a natal chart is the following three pieces of information: your birthday, time of birth, and place of birth. It is crucial to get this information as accurately as possible, as a difference of a few degrees in latitude or a few minutes in time can make a difference in your natal chart. You can click here to calculate your natal chart. Each answer you give in this test allows you to get a more personal natal chart result.


What is an insight?

When you calculate your natal chart, you will receive an insightful interpretation for at least 12 months by the astrologers who calculate your chart. These insights will guide you through the motion of the stars and how that motion will affect your natal chart that month.

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